About Your Stay

About Your Stay

Here is an explanation of the organisational process concerning your stay in the clinic:

Organisational support beforehand

After you have accepted our offer and made the payments, we'll send you a confirmation of your appointment with our specialists and an invitation for your visa. We look forward to assisting you with organising:


If you need a visa for your trip to Germany, we will be able to help you with the formalities. In order to put together a letter of invitation, we will need the following information from you:

You can also send us a copy of your passport if you prefer.

Checklist for admission

Our patients' well-being is our top priority. Our patients are treated in accordance with the same high quality standards in all Vivantes clinics, which are based around the latest medical and care-related knowledge.

Humanity is just as important as medical and care quality. For that reason, we want to make your stay here as comfortable as possible.

Therefore, we ask you to bring the following with you for your admission:

If required, you may need to stop taking blood-thinning medication (e.g. ASS, Marcumar) 5-7 days before your planned admission date, and replace these with other medications or sprays. Certain blood sugar tablets must also be paused two days before admission. Please discuss this with your GP or the doctor in charge of your treatment.

Your Stay

As soon as you arrive at one of our 9 hospitals, the first step is administrative admission by a patient supporter worker who speaks your native language. If you have not yet paid your deposit, you can pay at this point by card or credit card.

You'll then get to know our experts in person! If you are an outpatient, you will receive the following treatment:

If you are an inpatient, our care staff will initially take you to the ward reception. There will then be:

Organisational support

If you have any special requests during your stay, or you want to make use of certain services, please tell us! We would be happy to organise:

You can find further information at An Overview of International Services.


When your treatment has finished, you can expect the following:

Organisational support afterwards

We will be happy to offer you the following services and support you with your journey home: