Second Opinion

Medical second opinion through remote diagnostics

Also due to the Corona crisis and the current travel restrictions, Vivantes now offers you a new service. You now have the opportunity to obtain a second medical opinion without having to travel. The findings of your attending physician that are already available to you will be independently assessed by a Vivantes expert. He will write a detailed medical report based on the available material and make recommendations for possible treatments or therapies.

Get in contact with us! We have medical experts in almost all fields who will be happy to give you a second opinion.

In 5 steps to the medical second opinion

  1. Your request
    You send us your request, which is checked by our case managers.
  2. Our answer
    In our reply you will receive an upload link that you can use to send us the filled in checklist to your medical history, your findings and images.
  3. The confirmation
    You will receive a confirmation from us that a second opinion is possible based on the documents sent by you. We will send you the necessary administrative documents for you to finalize your order of the second opinion service.
  4. The payment
    After you pay the estimate, you send us a copy of the bank transfer receipt and a copy of your passport. The Vivantes expert will begin to examine your documents immediately after receipt of your payment.
  5. The shipment
    As soon as our expert has finished the second opinion, we will send you the detailed report together with your invoice.

Second Opinion FAQ

How much does the medical second opinion of a Vivantes expert cost?

A medical second opinion in German language costs 500,00 €.
A medical second opinion with translation into Russian or English language costs 650,00 €.

How long does it take to create a medical second opinion?

The preparation of a medical second opinion begins immediately after receipt of your payment and usually takes 2-3 days. A subsequent translation into the Russian or English language takes another 3-4 working days.

What medical documents do I need to send to Vivantes?

Please send us your current medical reports in English or German, as well as all diagnostic documents you have, like: MRI/CT or PET/CT images, laboratory and/or pathology findings, and images/photos of the affected areas on the body (e.g. for dermatology).

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