Sven Gläser
Director, Department of Internal Medicine - Pulmonary Medicine and Respiratory Diseases

Prof. Dr. med. Sven Gläser

  • Pneumology/Pulmonary Medicine
  • Interventional Pneumology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Allergology
  • Intensive Care Medicine and Weaning from prolonged Ventilation
  • Video consultation

Full Spectrum

  • Pulmonary Medicine/Pneumology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Interstitial Lung Diseases/Lung fibrosis
  • COPD and Asthma
  • Allergology
  • Intensive Care Medicine and Weaning
  • Thoracic Onkology
  • Interventional Pneumology


  • Diagnostic and Interventional endoscopy of the airways/bronchoscopy
  • Endoscopic ultrasound
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Lung function testing
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)
  • Cancer Diagnostics and Staging in suspected Bronchial Carcinoma
  • Sleep Diagnostics
  • Evaluation of Non-invasive Ventilation


  • Interventional endoscopy of the Airways
  • Endoscopic therapy of lung emphysema
  • Intensive Care Medicine and Weaning from prolonged ventilation

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2016
Director of the Department of Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine/Pneumology, Vivantes Spandau, Berlin, Germany

Professor of Medicine, University of Greifswald, Germany

Diploma in Mountaine Medicine (UIAA/ICAR)

Habilitation and Qualification as University Lecturer (Priv. Doz.) in Internal Medicine

2007 - 2016
Attending Physician University Medicine Greifswald, Germany
Graduation in Intensive Care Medicine

1998 - 2007
Training and Graduation in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Allergology at Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin and Charité Berlin, Germany

Granted Academic Title (MD)

1991 - 1997
Medical Education at Charité Berlin, New York and Toronto


  • Member of the German Society of Respiratory Diseases and Intensive Care (DGP)
  • European Respiratory Society (ERS)
  • Assembly Member Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases (DPLD)
  • German Society of Mountain and Expedition Medicine (BEXMED)