Stephan Eggeling
Thoracic Surgery – Cancer Center
Director, Department of Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Stephan Eggeling

  • Lung cancer staging, curative and palliative surgery
  • Surgery for mesothelioma
  • Laser surgery of lung metastases, intraoperative hyperthermic chemotherapy
  • Surgery for pneumothorax, pleural empyema and emphysema
  • Minimally invasive thoracic surgery
  • Tracheal surgery
  • Pediatric thoracic surgery
  • Interventional bronchoscopy, stents, laser therapy, endobronchial valve placement

Full Spectrum

  • Lung parenchyma-sparing resection for lung cancer
  • Extended resections for lung cancer
  • Minimally invasive lung resection
  • Lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema
  • Surgery for bronchiectasis,
  • tuberculosis
  • Mediastinum
  • Videomediastinoscopic lymph node resection (staging)
  • Thoracoscopic thymectomy
  • Thoracoscopic removal of benign tumors (esophagus, thymus, neurinoma)
  • Thoracoscopic sympathectomy
  • Chylothorax
  • Chest Wall and Pleura
  • Endoscopic surgery for pneumothorax and empyema
  • Resection of chest wall tumors
  • Staging and radical surgery for malignant mesothelioma
  • Trachea and Bronchi
  • Tracheal and tracheobronchial resection and reconstruction
  • Tracheal dilatation, laser therapy, stenting
  • Endobronchial valve placement for emphysema

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2007
Director of Department of Thoracic Surgery, Head of the Vivantes Thoracic Center, Vivantes Hospital Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Vice Director of Department of Thoracic Surgery, University of Freiburg, Germany

Education and specialization in thoracic surgery, Oskar-Ziethen Hospital, Berlin, Germany

Medical education and Medical Degree, thesis, Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest


  • Member of DGT, ESTS, EACTS
  • International courses for thoracoscopic and mediastinoscopic surgery techniques
  • German Society for Pneumology
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie