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Medical Care Centers (MVZ) turn 15!

Vivantes MVZ GmbH was founded in 2006. The aim was to supplement inpatient care in hospitals with outpatient services in specialized areas. With more...

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Impulse generator

In modern pain therapy, a spinal cord stimulator can help patients who are commonly considered "out of treatment." Dr. Vasileios Ntoukas, head of...

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It is unimaginable that people who are paraplegic after a back injury can walk again independently. The connection to the brain in the area of the...

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Return to life

Sometimes tragedy strikes: a misfortune happens, suddenly and in a flash, or an illness that no one expected, for example after a stroke or an...

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"Die hard"

Sven Marx (50) is a true Berliner. And he has the "now-first-right mentality" that is always attributed to people in our city. It helped him when he...

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World Brain Tumor Day 2016 - New Therapy Offer of Neurosurgery at Vivantes Friedrichshain Hospital

On June 8, World Brain Tumor Day will take place, which has been organized for sixteen years by the German Brain Tumor Aid Association (Deutsche...

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