Your enquiry

Regardless of whether you're looking for a specialist for a treatment or a second opinion, Vivantes International Medicine will find the right expert for you and offer you a free assessment of your medical documents.

We would be happy to send you a treatment suggestion for your enquiry, including an offer of costs. If you have any further questions, we would also be happy to answer these in person.

The following is an explanation of how you can reach your goal quickly:

5 Steps to Vivantes

1. Making Contact
Send us a description of the problem and / or the desired service and your personal information. Please use our contact form for this.

2. Our Answer
Based on your information, we will put together a free suggestion for treatment and an estimate of costs within 48 hours (working days). If you agree with both of these, sign them, send them back and tell us when you would like an appointment.

3. Your Payment
You'll then pay the agreed estimated costs in advance, and we will then send you an invitation for your visa and a confirmation of your appointment.

4. Preparing for Your Journey
Apply for your visa and book your flight. You also need to send us a confirmation.

5. Your Admission
On the day of admission, you'll meet the doctor in charge of your treatment, and a patient support worker who speaks your native language. The patient support worker will accompany you through your entire stay.