Our Services — Your Stay

Our Services – Your Stay

Vivantes International Medicine - as the responsible department of the Vivantes Hospital Group - will support you in organising your medical treatment and all other administrative tasks related to your hospital stay. As well as our main task of finding the best experts for your individual needs, we look forward to assisting you with formalities of all kinds. For example, we would be happy to support you in organising a visa for your journey to Germany - for you and your companions. We are also your direct contact for organising the transfer from the airport to the hospital, and can also advise you about booking a hotel or booking an accommodation for your family.

Your welfare is our main concern. For this reason, our service also involves providing a qualified patient supporter worker who speaks your native language, and who will accompany you throughout your entire stay at Vivantes.

As well as our services, one of our distinguishing features is a transparent pricing system. Our cost estimations and invoices are put together based on the German DRG catalogue. Naturally, we only bill for services which have actually been rendered.

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Acute Medicine Services

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Check-Up in the Vivantes Prevention Center

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An Overview of International Services

The Vivantes International Medicine Department can offer you all international services in one go as an all-round well-being package.

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Your Accommodation

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Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence are special medical centers where prominent specialists with particular expertise and quality interact with the patients.

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