The Vivantes Prostate Center

Vivantes Prostate Center

The largest center in the capital region:  Over 2000 procedures a year

The Vivantes Prostate Center offers the entire spectrum of modern urology in a top-class medical environment. Confidential patient consultations and support are the focal point of each treatment, and should make it easier to talk about even the most intimate of problems. Patients will undergo state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures. When choosing a suitable treatment procedure, the Vivantes experts will take into consideration the maintainence of important bodily and organ functions, whilst ensuring general well-being.

The experts at the centre, which is distributed over various locations, performed over 500 operations for prostate cancer, and over 1500 operations for benign prostate enlargement, in 2016. The Vivantes Prostate Centre is therefore the largest centre of its kind in Berlin, and one of the leading urological services centres in Germany.

The Prostate Center brings together an entire range of interdisciplinary expertise from the fields of urology, oncology, radiotherapy, radiology, pathology and other associated specialities. The focus is on diagnosing and treating prostate cancer, but also benign prostate enlargement. All diagnosis and treatment procedures can be offered at the highest standard for patients with prostate cancer. The extensive expertise and technological equipment, allow customised methods of treatment for each individual patient, based on individual results and preferences.

The team of experts at the Center cover all established modern surgical treatment procedures, such as minimally invasive tumour operations, potency-sparing operations for prostate and bladder cancer, reconstructive urinary surgery, and especially robot-assisted operations, at the highest standards.

As well as two new radiotherapy units, the Center also possesses:

All of today's relevant methods are available to patients. 

Prostate treatment in Berlin

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