Vivantes Prevention Center

Vivantes Prevention Center

Efficient preventative medicine which prevents serious illnesses occurring, through the early recording of risk constellations, diagnosis and the best possible treatment, is a requirement for staying healthy and active throughout your life.

The Vivantes Prevention Center specialises in medical check-up examinations for managers and private clients from Germany and overseas, based on current guidelines from scientific specialised companies. Our entire provision 'in one piece' brings a high level of efficiency and quality together for our customers, through pooling the highly specialised expertise of consultants and professors in combination with continued support from our preventative medicine specialists.

Within a period of only 6 hours, we carry out our comprehensive Basic Check-Up in a relaxed atmosphere, and you can naturally add further examination modules if you desire. Based on the results, we will happily accompany our clients in implementing essential everyday lifestyle changes in the long term, as part of our special health coaching.

The idea of health is one that is constantly changing and involves increasingly important aspects of our lives, from fitness to beauty and happiness. This expanded idea is a focal point for us, and we will support you in all these areas if you so desire. As part of our long-term health coaching, it is our goal to determine your individual health situation, and make noticeable changes for the better.

Start together with us for a healthy and happy future!