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Vivantes Breast Center

Together against breast cancer

At Vivantes Brustzentrum (Vivantes Breast Center), you are in the best hands for all types of breast cancer. We are one of the largest certified breast centers in Germany and in 2012, we were honored for outstanding achievements in the care of breast cancer patients by the "Bundesverband Frauenselbsthilfe nach Krebs" (Federal Self-Help Association for Women after Cancer). With our dedicated team, we offer holistic treatment: For us, this not only includes the most modern diagnostic and therapy options, but also new methods in integrated medicine that help our patients improve their quality of life.

Our experienced team ensures safe treatment at the highest medical level. You and your well-being are always the focus of our attenti

We are here for you

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. When detected and treated at an early stage, most cases of this disease can be cured. Vivantes Brustzentrum (Vivantes Breast Center) is located at the Vivantes Hospital "Am Urban". Under the management of the directors, Dr Marion Paul and Dr Claudia Gerber-Schäfer, a competent and empathic team supports you throughout the course of your therapy. At our clinic you benefit from the long-standing collaboration of highly qualified specialist doctors, specially trained nursing staff, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, radiotherapists, physiotherapists, two psycho-oncologists, and a study nurse. We will inform you in detail about your illness and every step of the therapy.

If you have any further questions or need our help, please speak to us - we are always here for you and your loved ones!

Our offer for you

Modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at the most current medical level are a given for us. Furthermore, as part of the therapy, we offer extras such as naturopathic therapies or a special cold cap, which helps to preserve hair during chemotherapy.

The three cornerstones of the therapy

The most important elements of the treatment are surgery, radiotherapy, and medication, including chemotherapy, hormone or antibody therapy. Our team decides for each individual patient in which order the therapy steps are performed at the regular interdisciplinary tumor conference. In a next step, we discuss every therapy step in detail with you and your loved ones.

Breast-preserving therapy

Our breast specialist surgeons offer you gentle surgical procedures and, whenever possible, operate to preserve the breast. If a removal of a breast cannot be avoided for medical reasons, we offer an immediate or subsequent breast reconstruction at Vivantes Brustzentrum (Vivantes Breast Center).

Psychological support: psycho-oncology

Most women are fully unprepared for the diagnosis of breast cancer. It comes as a shock both for the person affected and their loved ones. Anger, anxiety, worry, the ups and downs between despair and hope, dejection and optimism - all of that is part of the disease in addition to the physical symptoms.

At Vivantes Brustzentrum (Vivantes Breast Centre), we support you and your loved ones throughout all stages of the disease upon request. To do this, we offer meetings for individuals, couples or families. We help you with specific questions, for example, how to discuss the diagnosis with your children. Together, we find sources of strength and strategies that may be of help for you in this new life situation. We support every patient in dealing with the disease in her own way. In open discussion groups, you get to meet other affected women. We will lend you our ear for all of your questions. Don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Naturopathic treatments as complementary therapy

At Vivantes Brustzentrum (Vivantes Breast Center), naturopathic therapies are used in a supportive and complementary role. They help improve your quality of life, reduce side effects, and can support prevention before and after cancer. Exercise, yoga or other sports can prevent chronic fatigue. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation or mindfulness practices help you to deal better with the overall stress. We also use essential oils.

However, please note: Some substances, including St John's wort or grapefruit juice, may diminish or enhance the effect of medication. Just talk to us if you would like to use a particular naturopathic treatment during your therapy.

Cold cap

Hair loss - for many women, this frequent side effect of chemotherapy is extremely stressful. It makes the illness visible, leaving many feeling stigmatized. At Vivantes Brustzentrum (Vivantes Breast Center), we offer you a cold cap for the duration of the treatment. The use of cancer drugs (cytostatics) damages the hair roots, causing the hair to fall out. The cap cools the scalp and slows blood flow. As a result, fewer cytostatics reach the hair roots, thus significantly reducing hair loss. 

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