Vivantes is the largest German hospital group in state ownership

• 9 hospital locations
• 5,000 beds
• 15,000 employees
• More than 500,000 patients per year

Vivantes is the largest German state-owned hospital group

Vivantes International Medicine embodies German first-class medicine which is cultivated by the knowledge of some 1,500 physicians at nine hospital locations in the heart of Berlin. Furthermore, we have streamlined the Vivantes Comfort Hospitals to meet the very highest needs of our customers in all aspects of quality and service.

Thanks to the concentration of 150 internationally recognised chief physicians in the fields of acute care and rehabilitative medicine we provide the latest and most up to date medical treatment options out of one centralised location. Our chief physicians perform personalised diagnoses and interventions, and provide in depth consultations in private one to one sessions with each and every patient. In addition to our medical portfolio, we offer a 360° check-up program which complies with all current health regulations and up to date statistics. A broad range of follow-up treatments completes our medical services.

The Vivantes International Medicine team consists of competent and inter-culturally trained individuals who take care of international patient’s needs and well-being in a highly professional and discreet manner in their own native language. We support all our customers from their very first meeting until their departure.

Vivantes International Medicine
Am Nordgraben 2
13509 Berlin - Germany
Fax: +49 30 130-29 12 1096

Telephone Contact
EN: +49 30 130-12 1650 / 1695
RU: +49 30 130-12 1098 / 1651 / 1653
AR: +49 30 130-12 1088 / 1093 / 1668
GER: +49 30 130-12 1080