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Vivantes Spine Center: Your spine experts in Berlin

Back pain can be crippling to your mobility and quality of life. The Vivantes Spine Center is home to a seasoned, interdisciplinary team of surgical and non-surgical specialists who work to identify the cause of your pain and find the optimal therapy for it.
Thanks to our expertise, we were the first clinic in the federal state of Berlin-Brandenburg to be awarded the title "spine special center" by the German Spine Society in 2017.

We get to the bottom of your pain

Our center offers the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic options. The origins of back pain may be manifold. This is why we always take a holistic approach when we look at your locomotor system. A strong point of our center is that we are not only spine-wise but also know all diseases of the locomotor system, and we involve the relevant specialists to contribute to your treatment.
The first step is an exact diagnosis. We want to get to the root cause of your pain, the key question being: Is there actually some damage to your spine or do your problems originate in other parts of the body so that the pain only radiates into your spine? Conditions of the spine may also cause pain in the arms or legs.

In our center, different surgical and non-surgical disciplines work together to ensure a spot-on diagnosis. In addition, we also maintain a close medical cooperation with the experts from the movement surgery department.
Reach out to us if you have any questions surrounding the available treatment options. We will be happy to counsel you.

Operations: As few as possible, as many as necessary

Once we have found the cause of your pain, we'll seek to first exploit all non-surgical approaches to alleviating your problems. An operation only comes into question if all these approaches are exhausted, which we will always discuss with you.
In the strict sense, the term "spine surgery" is somewhat misleading as it may suggest that all that we do is operating. But our field of expertise encompasses a great many non-surgical treatment options as well, which we may use individually or in combination – surgery is only one among many tools.

Our experienced surgeons cooperate at all times with the non-surgical departments, based on our interdisciplinary spine conference. Doctors from the disciplines of orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurology, rehab medicine, pain medicine, and radiology will review your case at the individual level and in great detail. Collaborating with our co-workers from the department for movement surgery, we ensure an integrative, all-encompassing management of your entire locomotor system by selected specialists.
What's special about our clinic: The non-surgical disciplines have a power of veto. An operation will only be performed if all members of the conference are convinced this is the optimal approach for you.

We are certified as a "spine special center of the German Spine Society". This means we must demonstrate that we fulfill strict requirements as to the quality of treatment as regards medicine, care, physiotherapy, and infrastructure. To be able to meet the highest requirements on quality and transparency at all times, our spine conference is regularly audited within the scope of a quality assurance program.

In addition to the spine conference, we come together at regular intervals in our interdisciplinary tumor conference to guarantee that patients suffering from tumor or infectious diseases get the best treatment possible.

Regain pain-free mobility

In the event that an operation cannot be avoided, our seasoned, board-certified surgeons will guarantee that you are in the best hands. We have extensive expertise even when it comes to challenging reconstructive or revision operations, for example when it is necessary to fix a previous intervention.
It goes without saying that all operations are kept as gentle and, in many cases, minimal-invasive as possible, in other words, without extensive incisions. We collaborate closely with our co-workers from the field of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, anesthetics and pain therapy, radiology, oncology, pathology, plastic surgery, and rehab medicine. We want you to be pain free and mobile again in the shortest amount of time possible!

Our spectrum of services at a glance:

Feel free to contact us at any time with all questions you may have about your illness and treatment. We will provide you with all the details to help you make an informed decision.

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