Vivantes Skin Tumor Center

Vivantes Skin Tumor Center

Vivantes Skin Tumor Center: Experience and Expertise against Skin Cancer

At the Vivantes Skin Tumor Center we treat all types of skin cancer. Specialists from different Vivantes clinics and institutes work together in order to help you with our interdisciplinary expertise and experience at all stages of your disease. During your treatment we place particular emphasis on your personal life situation and wishes.

We are certified as a skin tumor center by the German Cancer Society for the quality of our work.

Our offer for you

At the Vivantes Skin Tumor Center we offer you the full spectrum of therapies–from malignant melanoma through fair skin cancer up to the treatment of rare tumors of the skin (such as sarcoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, cutaneous lymphoma, etc.). We treat all tumors of the skin in all stages of the disease. Therapy comprises medication, radiation therapy and surgical operations. Cutting-edge, state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are a matter of course for us. 

Complex, unusual clinical courses of a disease will be discussed by an interdisciplinary tumor board, where all fields of specialization involved in the treatment such as pathology, radiology, nuclear medicine, hematology, oncology and radiation therapy join forces to find the therapy that is best suited for your needs. We will always make the decision about treatment together with you, never alone.
Do not hesitate to talk to us if you have any questions surrounding your treatment of if something is not clear. We will be happy to help you and your family!

Diagnosis: accurate and swift

Microscopic assessments are performed by specially trained medical experts. The OP theater and laboratory are directly linked to ensure a reliable diagnosis and at the same time guarantee that you never have to wait  more than 24 hours for your results. 


In most cases, the therapy of choice for skin tumors is a surgical operation. Our experienced dermatological surgeons operate on the principle "as much as necessary, as little as possible".  In order that the tumor is removed safely while conserving healthy tissue–especially in sensitive parts of the body such as the face–we use a microscope to check if all of the malign tissue is removed (micrographically controlled surgery). Different state-of-the-art laser systems are available to ensure gentle tumor removal.

Our specialists are trained in cosmetic-plastic sealing and suturing procedures for a visually appealing outcome. Major operations may also involve skin transplants.

Where necessary, complex operations may be performed in cooperation with specialists from other fields. In the event that the sentinel lymph node needs to be removed, we will closely cooperate with our department for nuclear medicine.

Psychological support: Psycho-oncologic offers

Cancer may come as a shock to you and your family. Feelings like helplessness, anxiety or loss of control are entirely normal in such a situation. Our psycho-oncologists will give you professional support on request. They have an open ear for all your questions and provide concrete advice; for example how you can speak with your children about your cancer. They help you to find sources of strength in your new life situation and develop coping strategies of your own– because every human being has their own way of dealing with the disease.
Do not hesitate to talk to us if you have any questions surrounding our offers. We will be happy to help!

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