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At Vivantes Prostate Center, we deliver the full spectrum of modern urology in a highly professional medical environment. With us, you will capitalize on the expertise of six experienced chief physicians and the therapeutic options available at five different Vivantes hospitals. Depending on your specific illness, we will decide together with you, who of our experts will be most suited to treat you.

Our experts have extensive experience with all malign and benign changes of the prostate. At our multi-site center, we perform about 2,000 procedures per year, making Vivantes Berlin's leading prostate center.

Our therapeutic procedures – tailored to your needs

Vivantes Prostate Center

Our prostate center offers you the entire interdisciplinary expertise from the fields of urology, oncology, radiotherapy, radiology and pathology.

Our focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement. We attach particular importance on sympathetic counselling in an atmosphere of trust, creating a setting where we can talk about sensitive parts of your body. For only if we know your problems in detail can we work together to make the best therapy decisions for you.

Prostate carcinoma: state-of-the-art treatment methods and expert knowledge

For the treatment of prostate cancer, we offer all diagnostic and treatment procedures. These include, for example, MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy procedures, DaVinci robotic surgery and treatment methods with few side effects such as brachytherapy or the TOOKAD procedure. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of our head physicians guarantee an effective yet gentle therapy.

Our spectrum of surgical interventions includes, among other things, minimally-invasive tumor operations, virility-conserving operations for cancer of the prostate or bladder, as well as urinary reconstruction.

Diagnostics: MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy

With this method, a magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) of the affected area is first carried out. During the ultrasound-guided biopsy from the prostate, the image data from MRI and ultrasound are superimposed (fused) so that the biopsy needle can be precisely aligned with the areas that are conspicuous in the MRI. This technique also allows the detection of small and atypically located carcinomas.

Robot-assisted surgery

Should it be necessary to perform a radical removal of the prostate (prostatectomy), the intervention will be carried out using a so-called DaVinci robot of the latest generation. The robot does not operate on its own but rather serves as the surgeon's extended arm. A special camera provides our specialists with an enlarged 3D image of the ultra-fine nerves and vessels. Together with the microsurgical instruments, this enables our experienced surgeons to operate with the utmost precision and conserving nerves.

TOOKAD technique (photodynamic therapy)

Vivantes Prostate Center

The TOOKAD technique is used to treat the so-called low-risk prostate carcinoma, in which only one side of the prostate is afflicted, with the tumor growing at a very low rate. The TOOKAD technique helps specifically target tumor cells while sparing most of the healthy tissue. At first, a photosensitive compound (TOOKAD) is administered. The laser fibers are then directed specifically to the area requiring treatment. The laser interacts with the TOOKAD compound to produce free radicals which occlude the surrounding vessels, with the result that the tumor tissue dies off. This focal, i.e. locally confined, approach means that the treatment has little side effects in most cases. The intervention takes place under brief general anesthesia.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy comes in two varieties: externally –the so-called percutaneous radiation therapy (IMRT). We also offer brachytherapy, which constitutes a radiation therapy from the inside, so to speak. With this approach, so-called seeds, which are small radioactively charged implants, are implanted in the prostate to irradiate the malignant cells from within. The surrounding tissue is spared, since the coverage of the particles does not exceed a few millimeters.

Benign prostate changes: Cutting-edge 3D laparoscopic procedures

We have cutting-edge HoLEP and ThuLEP laser-based techniques at our disposal to ensure the gentle, minimally-invasive treatment of benign prostate changes. Our experienced surgeons will select the technique which can be expected to have the highest therapeutic success and the least side effects.

Please get in touch if you have any questions surrounding our treatment methods. We will be happy to help!

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