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Obesity center in Berlin: focusing on your quality of life

At our obesity center, you will find an experienced team of specialists from a wide range of disciplines. Together with you, we will develop a therapy concept that will help you reduce your excess weight in the long term, and alleviate the illnesses that accompany obesity.

We take your illness seriously

Extreme obesity (adiposis) is a serious illness. We know that it is primarily metabolic disorders and genetic preconditions that are responsible for the clinical picture – not a lack of discipline. The longer obesity persists, the more frequently other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea syndrome, and even tumors occur. In order to optimally treat this complex clinical picture, all members of our team are specialized in treating obesity: Specialists from various disciplines, nutritionists, and physiotherapists work closely together in an interdisciplinary team. We discuss every step of the therapy with you.

Bariatric surgery – more than just weight loss

Like most people who are severely overweight, you have probably already made a number of attempts to lose weight by changing your diet and doing more exercise.

The latest research results show that in cases of advanced obesity, it is often almost impossible to reduce weight with purely behavioral changes. Conversely, surgical therapy has proven to be a very effective and long-term treatment method. Even secondary diseases, such as diabetes mellitus type 2, high blood pressure or sleep apnea syndrome, can be significantly improved by what is known as metabolic surgery. The patients’ quality of life increases and even the life expectancy of obese patients who have been operated on is significantly higher than that of those without surgery.

Surgical techniques

Our obesity center’s experienced specialists can provide you with the whole spectrum of surgery. All our surgeries are minimally invasive and involve so-called “keyhole surgery”. This means that only small incisions are made and you will recover more quickly after the surgery. Our team will explain which form of treatment is suitable for you in a personal conversation with you.

Gastric bypass

In a gastric bypass, the surgeon creates a small stomach “pouch”. This pouch is completely separated from the rest of the stomach. A part of the small intestine is also severed, and the remaining part is sewn to the pouch. This excludes a large part of the stomach and small intestine from the digestive process, and greatly reduces the absorption of nutrients. By changing the digestive anatomy, hormonal and neuronal processes are set in motion, which have a positive effect on feeling full. The gastric bypass is also particularly promising in treating type 2 diabetes.

Sleeve gastrectomy

To make a gastric sleeve, a large part of the stomach is removed. The remaining stomach is shaped like a sleeve and is around the size of a banana. Restricting the stomach in this way not only allows you to consume less food, it also changes the hormones that control the feeling of hunger and being full.

Gastric band

A silicone band is placed around the stomach below the entrance to the stomach. This divides the stomach into a small pouch and the remaining stomach. Because food initially remains in the small pouch, you feel full more quickly and consume less food. Since the success rates for weight loss and general health are significantly lower than with the other methods, the gastric band is rarely used today. 

If you have any questions about the individual surgical techniques or are not sure whether surgery is the right thing for you, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to advise you.

Obesity is not a lack of discipline, but rather a very serious, complex clinical picture. We work together in an interdisciplinary team to alleviate the consequences of your illness, and to help you achieve a better quality of life.

Prof. Dr. Ordemann

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