Vivantes Continence and Pelvic Floor Center

Vivantes Continence and Pelvic Floor Center

Vivantes Continence and Pelvic Floor Center: Renewed quality of life thanks to a strong pelvic floor

The Vivantes Continence and Pelvic Floor Center is where experts from different disciplines work hand in hand for your wellbeing. We offer a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options for the treatment of pelvic instability, urinary incontinence, urgency problems, anal incontinence, and defecation disorders. A second field of expertise is the therapy of uterine, bladder, vaginal, or partial intestinal prolapses.

Incontinence impacts both sexes, although women tend to be affected at a higher rate. While just under 10 per cent of the population experiences bladder bladder or bowel weakness in Germany alone, continence issues remain a taboo in our society. Many of our patients have gone through years of suffering before they finally took heart and turned to a professional. But here are the good news: with thorough diagnostics and targeted therapy, chances are good that the problems will get better or even resolve completely.

The Vivantes Continence and Pelvic Floor Center brings together a team of seasoned experts who all specialize in the treatment of bladder and bowel weakness. Our medical director PD Dr. med. habil. Christian Göpel is one of 41 doctors in Germany to hold the so-called AGUB III certificate – the highest qualification level in the domain of urogynecology and pelvic floor surgery. We have been regularly certified for our work by the German Continence Society since 2010.

We won't leave you alone with your problems!

Vivantes Continence and Pelvic Floor Center

While incontinence may not be a life-threatening condition, it still has the potential to cripple one's quality of life more often than not. Every movement, every cough or sneeze can easily become a stress test in everyday life. While more than one fourth of all sufferers are older than 60 years, some are still very young. 

Having said that, urinary incontinence is not a fate that you just have to accept no matter what. We at the Vivantes Continence and Pelvic Floor Center take your problems seriously. The female pelvic floor is an intricate structure, and the causes for incontinence can be just as diverse. This is why our center brings together experts from a number of different disciplines, including gynecology, surgery, neurology, physiotherapy, radiology, and gastroenterology. Another player in the team is our center for women's emotional health. Seeing that incontinence is not restricted to females, the team also incorporates specialists in urology. If you suffer from anal incontinence, our colleagues at the clinic for coloproctology will be there for you.

Our seasoned team will gladly answer all questions you may have surrounding your specific problem – just get in touch!

Special consultation

In our consultation, we will discuss your complaints in an atmosphere of trust and look for possible root causes. 

Cutting-edge diagnostic methods enable us to find the cause of your problems, including: 

In a next step, we'll sit down with you to discuss existing treatment options, paying due regard to your personal needs, situation of life including family planning, age and previous illnesses as well as the planning of the therapy and medical diagnosis.

Conservative vs. surgical therapy

We offer a broad range of conservative treatment options, including pessary therapy (rings or cubes designed for the non-operative therapy of prolapse complaints), specialized pelvic floor physiotherapy, and the pharmacological therapy of incontinence disorders (for stress and urge incontinence or hybrid forms).

Should all conservative approaches be exhausted, we have a number of state-of-the-art surgical procedures at our disposal. Here, we prioritize gentle methods such as the so-called keyhole surgery, which is laparoscopy-based. We discuss all options in detail and decide each step together with you. 

Our surgical spectrum comprises the following methods:

Conserving the uterus

There's typically no need to fear the removal of your uterus any more in this day and age. This is an intervention that is confined to very few cases. The uterine nerve and vascular structures play a key role in pelvic floor function, which in itself is reason enough for us to make uterus-conserving surgery an integral part of our concept.

In the post-operative period, what we care about most is to keep you painfree and make your reconvalescence speedy and uncomplicated. During consultation hours, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your healing process or problems. Don’t hesitate to talk to us.

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