Vivantes Center for Women's Mental Health

Just like the organs of the body, the soul and the mind can become ill too. In our Vivantes Center for Women's Mental Health, we can treat these illnesses just as well as other physical illnesses. If you have mental health problems which are becoming a burden to you, you should go to the right doctor. In the Vivantes Center for Women's Mental Health, we offer careful diagnosis and treatment for mental health conditions for women, by internationally geared female experts in a private atmosphere. The renowned Professor Stephanie Krüger has only worked with women who suffer from depression, anxiety disorders or eating disorders for many years. She has gathered a great amount of experience across the world in specialist women's mental health hospitals. Together with her international team, she can offer you a confidential individual discussion, from woman to woman. Personally adapted comprehensive care for female patients with private problems is also on offer.

Diagnosis will be carried out with state-of-the-art methods, and treatment with the latest medications, with as few side effects as possible. Specially trained female psychologists carry out daily psychotherapy sessions.

Examples of the type of services offered at the Center for Women's Mental Health:

  1. Mental health issues after cancer
    Cancer can cause women serious stress. Typically female cancers such as breast or ovarian cancer can be a major stressor for women of any age. Treating these psychological problems is important, in order to prevent the body from weakening any further.
  2. Mental health issues after the death of a child 
    The death of a child, especially during the late stages of pregnancy, represents an extremely high psychological burden for women. Grief, depression and severe anxiety can result. If a child dies, e.g. from an illness, the loss is hard to bear. Psychotherapy can help with overcoming the pain here.
  3. Eating disorders
    For many women, mental health issues often manifest themselves in the form of overeating. Young women in particular are very affected by this. Being overweight makes them unhappy, and they are ashamed because they eat so much. In order to get back to a healthy weight, the reasons for binging must be examined. These could be depression, anxiety, or even traumatic events in the past.
  4. Anxiety disorders
    Anxiety disorders can manifest in the form of sleep disorders, unrest, nervousness, physical complaints, fainting fits or panic attacks. Women affected often find it difficult to leave the house and can no longer cope with caring for the family or work. Anxiety can affect your entire life and bring it to a standstill.
  5. Depression
    Depression can affect many women all over the world, of every age - the symptoms are low moods, negative thoughts, physical complaints, sleep disorders, anxiety, poor concentration, changes in eating habits (often weight gain, but also weight loss). They can no longer look forward to anything.
  6. Post-traumatic disorders
    Psychological disorders can result from traumatic events. For example, a bad experience may have occurred in the family or in the private sphere, which manifests through fainting fits, anxiety, sleep disorders or other psychological symptoms. The consequences of trauma can be treated well if the right solution has been found. 

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