Vivantes Center for Neurology and Neurorehabilitation

Vivantes Center for Neurology and Neurorehabilitation

Back to Life – with cleverly combined therapies featuring first-class medicine

At the Vivantes Spandau Hospital, part of the large Vivantes Hospital Group in Germany’s capital city Berlin, specialised neurologists and neurosurgeons provide personalised diagnostics, acute treatment and specific neurorehabilitation at the highest international level.

Our special medical service: diagnostics and acute treatment with the most modern neurorehabilitation offered from one single source – by a management team that stands for the best possible coordinated first-class medicine.

Our guiding principle: with cleverly combined therapy phases we help people to find their individual path back to life after damage to the nervous system.

The most modern neurorehabilitation therapies combined with our therapy robotics lead the way, for example with relearning mobility through steps such as standing and walking independently.

All acute diagnostics procedures such as MRI and PET-CT, the latest interventional radiology procedures and surgical methods are available in the Vivantes Hospital Group in Berlin during individual treatment phases. Neurorehabilitation by a professional team of specialists can take place on an overlapping basis. Our therapeutic team works across disciplines – six days a week – and is committed to patients’ well-being. The patient and his or her goals as well as their health and individual progress are always the main focus of our action.

This unique combination is possible due to a close network of highly specialised physicians and therapists as well as a specially trained interdisciplinary nursing staff who holistically care for and support our patients in a highly professional and service-oriented manner 24 hours a day.

Our medical facilities at Spandau Hospital provide everything that is needed, including intensive care units and acute care wards as well as specialised neurological early rehabilitation.

Individualised Acute Treatment and personalised Neurorehabilitation

In addition to individualised diagnostics, the combination of acute neurology with the therapeutic range of neurorehabilitation allows for highly-specialised treatment and personalised neurorehabilitation at the highest level for people with:

Therapeutic Procedures

Our interdisciplinary treatment team combines supportive therapy robotics with the latest therapeutic procedures in an extraordinary manner, geared to the patient’s individual rehabilitation goals:

The most state-of-the-art equipment featuring the latest generation of therapeutic robots (arm studio and robotic gait trainers such as G-EO®, Ekso Bionics®, GT1®) makes it possible to immediately and efficiently implement the therapy recommended by our specialists. Our special range of treatment is the result of excellent, long-term collaboration amongst three specialised departments of neurosciences: Neurology with Stroke Unit, Neurological Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy and the Centre for Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Your Mobility and Independence is our Goal!

For recovery of your mobility and independence our multi-professional team trains with you – supported by the most modern robotic technology – and thus paves the way for you to rejoin your social and professional life. We prepare an optimal, target-oriented, multimodal rehabilitation programme for every patient. We individually and promptly adjust your rehabilitation goals and therapy plan to fit your performance. Our treatment methods integrate proven neurorehabilitation procedures with the latest, evidence-based and robot-assisted forms of therapy. The Vivantes Spandau Hospitalis committed to offering patient care at the highest level and is highly specialised in the field of medical rehabilitation of neurological diseases. For example, as one of only very few centres worldwide we have the entire range of the most modern robotic gait trainers and machines at our disposal for rehabilitation. As a result, we are able to optimally utilise potential neuroplasticity (also described as the brain’s willingness to change) and the rehabilitation potential of gait therapy, because a high repetition rate of step cycles in the standing position is particularly important in early phases of neurorehabilitation.


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