Vivantes Center for Musculoskeletal Tumor Medicine

At the Vivantes Center for Musculoskeletal Tumor Medicine with its interdisciplinary sarcoma center, our seasoned team is there to help you. Our experts deliver counseling, multimodal therapy and follow-up care for primary and secondary (metastases) tumors of the bone and soft tissues whenever you need it.

Your specialists for bone and soft tissue tumors

Bone or soft tissue changes may have different causes, including inflammations, metabolic disorders, diseases of other organs, hormonal changes, and tissue malformations. These are referred to as tumor-like or tumor-simulating changes. Actual bone and soft tissue tumors, especially malignant ones, are exceedingly rare. Therefore, in the strict sense, only specialized centers such as ours bring the necessary expertise in diagnostics and therapy to the table.

Bringing together experts under one roof

The Vivantes Center for Musculoskeletal Tumor Medicine with its interdisciplinary sarcoma center is a highly specialized division of the musculoskeletal surgery department, where you can rely on decades of experience. For a precise diagnosis and treatment tailored to your individual requirements.

Cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutic options

We offer all modern methods in diagnostics and multimodal therapy to treat patients presenting with bone and soft tissue tumors. We hold interdisciplinary tumor conferences (sarcoma conference) on a regular basis to discuss your case and optimize the diagnostic and therapeutic approach. We offer the full spectrum of surgical resection and reconstruction procedures to guarantee the best possible functional outcome while delivering a maximum of safety.

Interdisciplinary sarcoma center

Bone and soft tissue tumors are very rare. That's why optimal treatment is only possible at centers with experts who possess the necessary skillset. We let you benefit from a seasoned and experienced team that will support you all the way from diagnosis to follow-up care.

We will have you fully involved in the interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic concepts. Our sarcoma center develops a tumor-specific overall treatment plan with contributions from oncologists, radiologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, psychologists and, of course, us as surgeons.

As a rule, cancer therapy is very debilitating for you as patient both at the mental and physical level. That's why absolute trust between the clinicians in charge and our patients is key for us. This begins with thorough counseling about condition-specific therapy options where we address all advantages, disadvantages and possible complications. In a next step, the patient is accompanied through the stages of therapy delivered by other disciplines (oncology, radiotherapy), followed by tumor-specific follow-up care after completion of the therapeutic measures. The treatment plan is always based on the latest scientific guidelines.

We will be glad to help with all questions you may have surrounding your therapy. Don’t hesitate to talk to us!

Second opinion

Should you already be receiving therapy for a tumor disease of the musculoskeletal system and seek an expert second opinion, you can always make an appointment for a counseling session. All you have to do is bring your existing medical reports/discharge letters and radiological images with you.

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