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Vivantes awarded by German Society for Thoracic Surgery!

The Vivantes Clinic for Thoracic Surgery, under the direction of Chief Physician Dr. Stephan Eggeling, has been certified as a Center of Excellence by...

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E-cigarette – way out or dead end?

Dr. Katrin Vitzthum, psychologist and smoking prevention expert on the risks of e-cigarettes.

Fewer young people are starting to smoke, but many...

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What does the MEDICAL BOARD do?

Vivantes works continuously to provide patients with the best possible treatment. The Medical Boards play an important role in this - medical experts...

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Together against lung cancer: Lung Cancer Center at Vivantes Neukölln Hospital receives award

The best cancer treatment takes place as a team. This is what the Vivantes Lung Cancer Center in Neukölln relies on and has once again received an...

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