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First Cancer Center recognized at Vivantes: When several organs are affected by cancer

The Cancer Center Berlin-Neukölln at Vivantes Neukölln Hospital was the first oncology center to be established by Vivantes. Now it has been certified...

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Vivantes Neukölln Hospital opens state-of-the-art computed tomography center

Two new state-of-the-art computed tomography scanners at the Institutes of Radiology and Neuroradiology at Vivantes Neukölln Hospital now enable even...

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Visceral Oncology Center certified by German Cancer Society

Three in one: Vivantes Neukölln Hospital has been awarded the title of "Visceral Oncology Center recommended by the German Cancer Society (DKG)" for...

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Application of the cooling cap for hair preservation during chemotherapy

At the Vivantes Breast Center, we offer our patients the possibility of hair preservation through scalp cooling. Chemotherapy-induced hair loss...

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Center at Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital receives award

The Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital has been certified by the German Cancer Society as an interdisciplinary colorectal cancer center. The high...

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The undetected


1. signs of oral cavity cancer are often ignored, therefore the diagnosis is late.
2. about half of those with oral cavity cancer have a 5-year...

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Tumor conferences

There are numerous proven treatment procedures for cancer. Since every tumor disease is different, it must be carefully weighed up which procedure...

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High Volume, High Quality: Vivantes stands for premium medicine in the capital

For the 13th time, the Senate Department for Health, Nursing and Equality has published the case numbers of selected treatments in Berlin hospitals....

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How naturopathy can support cancer therapy

Naturopathic treatments are popular with patients as a gentle form of medicine – especially for cancer patients. Dr. Marion Paul is one of the two...

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