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Certificate attests to excellent treatment quality Europe-wide

Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital recognized as Berlin's first "European Center of Excellence for Spine Surgery

After an extensive audit, the Clinic...

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First Berlin Center for Infection Medicine Founded

With the founding of Berlin's first Center for Infection Medicine, Vivantes is creating a facility with special expertise in combating nosocomial...

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Strong against the virus – Expert interview with Prof. Dr. Diana Rubin

What role does a balanced diet play in infections such as coronavirus? Prof. Dr. Diana Rubin heads the Vivantes Center for Nutritional Medicine with...

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The "new" infectiology in action against HIV/AIDS, coronavirus & Co.

Dr. Caroline Isner, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital, aims to be at the side of HIV patients...

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Science & Education: Corona

For more than a year, the Corona pandemic has kept the world on tenterhooks. Facts have emerged, but speculations still circulate, among others, about...

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Treatment of AIDS and other infections in Vivantes

On October 1, 2020, Dr. Caroline Isner took up her position as new Chief Physician in the Department of Internal Medicine - Infectiology at the...

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Dangerous tinies

Bacteria, viruses and fungi can cause considerable harm to humans, and they are extremely tricky in doing so. Infectiologists are therefore...

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Protection against AIDS REMAINS IMPORTANT!

People in Germany still become infected with HIV every year. In Berlin alone, the Robert Koch Institute estimates that almost 16,500 people are...

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Infectious diseases - a new one every year

Most of the new dangerous pathogens originate from the animal kingdom, for example in bird flu, Sars, AIDS and BSE. The number of these pathogens is...

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