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Why Me?

The diagnosis of cancer is initially a shock. Many of the patients ask themselves: "Am I to blame for the disease? Did I do something wrong?" gesund!...

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Side effects are no side issue: 14th Berlin Cancer Congress

How can people with cancer continue to live as well as possible? How are side effects and consequences of cancer therapies treated today? The 14th...

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Diagnosis cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is a shock. First of all for the person with the disease, but also for their relatives and friends. To cope with cancer, patients...

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Study at Vivantes Hospital "Am Urban": improved chances of treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

The Department of Internal Medicine - Hematology and Oncology at Vivantes Hospital "Am Urban" is one of twelve centers across Germany participating in...

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Research on the therapy of cancer patients with thrombosis: Joint study by Vivantes and Charité begins

More than 15 percent of all patients with cancer develop thrombosis during the disease, with or without – sometimes fatal – pulmonary embolism. The...

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