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Stressed skin

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is a key element of hygiene measures – the mouth-nose mask. But wearing it permanently for one's own...

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Comprehensive treatment of skin cancer

The Vivantes dermatological clinics in Friedrichshain, Neukölln and Spandau were certified by OnkoZert, the certification body of the German Cancer...

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Skin cancer – what is visible from here

We know how dangerous the sun can become to our skin. Especially the Celtic skin types with light skin have a high risk of skin cancer. But also the...

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The undetected


1. signs of oral cavity cancer are often ignored, therefore the diagnosis is late.
2. about half of those with oral cavity cancer have a 5-year...

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Watch out for sun allergy

Sun allergy is not sunburn. Prof. Dr. Wiebke Ludwig-Peitsch, head of dermatology at Vivantes Friedrichshain Hospital, explains the symptoms and what...

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New Interdisciplinary Allergy Center at Vivantes Spandau Hospital also treats drug intolerances

The Interdisciplinary Allergy Center at Vivantes Spandau Hospital will open in March. In addition to insect venom, food and pollen allergies, the...

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Cancer immunotherapy center opened at Vivantes Spandau Hospital

A cancer immunotherapy center has now been established at Vivantes Spandau Hospital. Here, oncologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and...

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22 percent more cancer diagnoses in Vivantes hospitals than ten years ago – Berlin Cancer Congress to start for the first time on June 4 with Patient Congress

According to the Joint Cancer Registry Berlin-Brandenburg, four out of ten Berliners (39%) will develop cancer in the course of their lives. More and...

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