Vivantes International


Triple Certification

Three facilities at Vivantes Neukölln Hospital have been jointly awarded triple certification as a vascular center. These include the Clinic for...

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Healthy diet: tips from the chief physician

It is clear to most of us that a healthy diet does not necessarily include foods such as cookies, stollen and roast goose. But should we do without...

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Stay cool! How the body copes with high summer

Summer, sun, boiling point. The cardiovascular system reacts immediately to extreme temperatures. Children who do not drink enough and older people...

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Feasibility study: Micro-computer measures blood pressure directly in the heart

A pea-sized microcomputer designed to measure blood pressure directly in the heart of chronically heart-weak people was implanted for the first time...

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High Volume, High Quality: Vivantes stands for premium medicine in the capital

For the 13th time, the Senate Department for Health, Nursing and Equality has published the case numbers of selected treatments in Berlin hospitals....

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