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First Cancer Center recognized at Vivantes: When several organs are affected by cancer

The Cancer Center Berlin-Neukölln at Vivantes Neukölln Hospital was the first oncology center to be established by Vivantes. Now it has been certified...

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Application of the cooling cap for hair preservation during chemotherapy

At the Vivantes Breast Center, we offer our patients the possibility of hair preservation through scalp cooling. Chemotherapy-induced hair loss...

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Life is not over

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, but it is not the most dangerous. If detected and treated in time, most diseases are curable. The...

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Side effects are no side issue: 14th Berlin Cancer Congress

How can people with cancer continue to live as well as possible? How are side effects and consequences of cancer therapies treated today? The 14th...

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Diagnosis cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is a shock. First of all for the person with the disease, but also for their relatives and friends. To cope with cancer, patients...

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Oncology Centers

The Vivantes Tumor Center encompasses all of Vivantes' activities in the field of cancer care and represents Vivantes' overarching organization in the...

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