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Vivantes Hospital "Am Urban": New Center for Endocrine Surgery

With the establishment of the Center for Endocrine Surgery, Hospital "Am Urban" is placing a new emphasis on the surgical treatment of thyroid...

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    Doctors and patients: early detection of liver cancer can save lives – interdisciplinary symposium in Berlin

    In nine out of ten cases, liver cancer develops on the basis of liver cirrhosis. Liver cancer patients should therefore take advantage of the early...

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    Research on the therapy of cancer patients with thrombosis: Joint study by Vivantes and Charité begins

    More than 15 percent of all patients with cancer develop thrombosis during the disease, with or without – sometimes fatal – pulmonary embolism. The...

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    Thyroid gland: diseases often undetected for a long time

    One third of all Berliners suffer from thyroid disease. The small butterfly-shaped organ is located in the front of the neck and is responsible for...

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