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Certificate attests to excellent treatment quality Europe-wide

Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital recognized as Berlin's first "European Center of Excellence for Spine Surgery

After an extensive audit, the Clinic...

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Vivantes awarded by German Society for Thoracic Surgery!

The Vivantes Clinic for Thoracic Surgery, under the direction of Chief Physician Dr. Stephan Eggeling, has been certified as a Center of Excellence by...

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Why Me?

The diagnosis of cancer is initially a shock. Many of the patients ask themselves: "Am I to blame for the disease? Did I do something wrong?" gesund!...

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Male Problem Zone

Men often grimace at the mention of the prostate. Even with obvious problems in the urinary tract: a visit to a urologist is not popular and is often...

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Stressed skin

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is a key element of hygiene measures – the mouth-nose mask. But wearing it permanently for one's own...

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Gastroenterology at Vivantes Humboldt Hospital under new management

On August 01, 2021, PD Dr. Weismüller will take over as head of the Clinic for Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Vivantes Humboldt...

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Digital in the future – digitization in the hospital

From admission to discharge – Vivantes is digitizing these processes. Goals: Improve quality and comfort, reduce routine activities and optimize...

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E-cigarette – way out or dead end?

Dr. Katrin Vitzthum, psychologist and smoking prevention expert on the risks of e-cigarettes.

Fewer young people are starting to smoke, but many...

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Stay cool! How the body copes with high summer

Summer, sun, boiling point. The cardiovascular system reacts immediately to extreme temperatures. Children who do not drink enough and older people...

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First Berlin Center for Infection Medicine Founded

With the founding of Berlin's first Center for Infection Medicine, Vivantes is creating a facility with special expertise in combating nosocomial...

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