The Group

The Vivantes Hospital Group is the product of the largest fusion of state clinics in the German clinic market and, today, one of the state-owned largest hospital groups in Europe and the leader in Germany. Vivantes brings together the expertise of over 125 years of Medicine Made in Germany under one central management, including:

Stability & quality

Vivantes is 100% a company of the state of Berlin. The objective target of Vivantes has been identified as showing steady growth and optimising healthcare in the German capital, along with its economic stability. Vivantes' profits are currently being fully invested in the depth and quality of our medicine and care.

Under the umbrella of this network, we offer our patients from Berlin, Germany and elsewhere around the world almost an entire spectrum of qualitatively high-value medical and care-related knowledge - from basic care to state-of-the-art medicine. At the time of writing (2016), Vivantes was treating almost every third patient in the capital region.

All Vivantes clinics are academic teaching hospitals for German universities. Several of our professors and leading doctors are engaged in teaching, clinical research and training. Vivantes is also the regional market leader in the field of post-graduate training for doctors and training for nurses.

Moreover, nearly all our hospitals have special comfort clinics that offer comfortable and service-oriented accommodation at a hotel standard at their disposal, in addition to high-ranging medical treatment by internationally renowned specialists.

With Vivantes International Medicine, as the International Office of the Vivantes Hospital Group, our comprehensive medical qualities are not only available to Germany and Berlin, but also to international private or institutional customers.