Vivantes represents training and medical vocational and further training at the highest standard. Because Vivantes is Berlin's largest trainer in healthcare. All nine of our clinics are academic teaching hospitals and train around 500 doctors. Our own 'Institute for Vocational Training in Healthcare' offers training places for - amongst others - 700 nurses, in accordance with recognised principles, and an 'Institute for Further Training' helps to provide sustained training.

A large number of our physicians teach in renowned German universities as professors. We can also offer international doctors and nurses recognised post-graduate vocational and further training in 30 different medical fields, in accordance with German standards.

On request, we can offer institutions further adjustments to our program, as well as additional services, especially organising and co-ordinating the formalities required for medical training in Germany.

Vivantes International Medicine offers three educational programs in the field of medicine:

For strategic projects and clients, we also offer customised programs for management and clinical personnel (on and off-site).

Education FAQ

I am interested in a certain program. How do I apply?

As an institutional client, you can contact the International Office directly. For your employees / doctors, we can develop an individually adapted program for you for first-class further or post-graduate training. Our programs are exclusively aimed at institutional clients. Please do not send individual applications. We would also request that you do not approach individual consultants or clinics.

Which languages are a requirement?

A good knowledge of English is required for the 1-3 month Philosophy Program. For German specialist doctor training, which generally lasts at least 5 years, and which involves regular and intensive contact with our predominantly German-speaking patients, we expect a knowledge of German which is at least Level B2.

A knowledge of German is generally desirable for the Individual Program, but an excellent knowledge of English is also fine in exceptional cases.

How long is the waiting period between the request and the start of the program?

After your first request, we will immediately draw up a customised program for you. However, a few formalities need to be carried out before you visit your doctor in the Vivantes clinic, even if both sides have decided to implement the program. For the Philosophy Program, there may be a waiting period of at least one month, as you will need to apply for a visa and a work permit, and register with an insurance company under German law. Depending on specialisation, a waiting period of at least 6 months should be expected for both the other programs.

What kind of support can I expect from Vivantes?

After a program has been put together, the Vivantes International Team will be happy to help you deal with all formalities. If necessary, we will send you an invitation to the German Embassy, and we can support you with your application for a German professional licence and work permit and assist you with regard to German insurance. We can also help organise accommodation for participants before arrival.

Naturally, we will also be available to you at any time as a contact partner, and will find a solution for any problems.

With what costs is vocational or further training at Vivantes associated?

As well as travel, insurance and accommodation costs, training fees may need to be paid to Vivantes, depending on the specialisation and program. Please contact us directly for further information.