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Vivantes Hospital Hellersdorf

The idyllic districts Biesdorf, Kaulsdorf or Mahlsdorf are closer to the surrounding areas of Brandenburg than the pulsating centre of Berlin. Initially established as a provisional arrangement in historical terms, the “Kaulsdorf Hospital” evolved into a citizen-oriented, efficient hospital in the middle of this residential area. The hospital is always oriented to the needs of those who live here: where medical expertise and the latest technology are employed in all specialised medical departments in the Vivantes network today, a swimming pool for small children was also located at the Kaulsdorf Municipal Hospital immediately after the war. This is documented for posterity in a report broadcast by the state-owned film studio DEFA “Eye Witness” newsreel in 1946.
Close to the people: Hellersdorf Hospital – as it is called today – is impressive proof of how size, efficiency and proximity to citizens find common ground at Vivantes.

The Vivantes Hospital Hellersdorf has 6 specialised medical departments and 374 beds. About 31,000 patients are treated per year, of which roughly 17,000 are outpatients and 14,000 are inpatients. Every year, 1,150 babies are born in the maternity clinic at Hellersdorf Hospital. About 120 physicians and 220 nurses take care of the well-being of patients. The Vivantes Hospital Hellersdorf is an academic teaching hospital under the auspices of Charité – University Hospital Berlin. Among other things, the hospital accommodates a Centre for Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2 – stage I (certified by the German Diabetes Society (DDG)), Geriatric Medical Clinics for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Gerontopsychiatry as well as a minimally invasive surgery (MIS) emphasis of the Clinics for Surgery and Gynaecology.

Vivantes Hospital Hellersdorf

Myslowitzer Straße 45
12621 Berlin